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A new culture for a new paradigm

Want to change the world? Get your mind right first! For us, being conscious is also about being aware of our thoughts, of our cultural programming and how it affects our behaviors. Most people take their thoughts for granted without ever questioning them. We’re not taught to think about our thoughts, after all. But at Unity we are culture hackers! 

what is culture hacking?

And what can the new culture look like?

Culture hacking is about deconstructing our conditioning, carefully examining our values and the belief systems that support them, thus allowing us to choose in full awareness the ones we wish to retain and the ones we wish replace. We're counting on you to help define the new culture, one that is regenerative, inclusive and ethical! 

We're reprogramming ourselves:

from individualistic behaviors to cooperative ones



These are examples of cultural recodings we strive to implement. Of course that doesn't mean that we've got it all figured out by any means! We're only fallible humans, but through experimental explorations of the way we relate with each other, we act as mirrors and help each other uncover our unconscious shadow sides, often through arising tensions around power, sex, love relationships and money. We also engage often in eye-opening activities with the purpose of exposing and shifting cultural assumptions. 

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