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Urban conscious co-living

San Jose, Costa Rica

UNity urban conscious coliving, unity coliving

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Strategically located in San Pedro, the alternative and artsy neighborhood of San Jose, Unity is an intentional co-living space for personal development, cultural experimentation and the advancement of new positive social imaginaries.

Montain view from our permaculture garden
Community vibe
Nothing beats co-living consciously

About us

We are about 15 people from all walks of life; digital nomads, yogis, meditators, tantrikas, permacultors, changemakers, entrepreneurs, techies, activists, biohackers, regens, coaches, influencers, health aficionados... All in our own way, we are interested in exploring alternative ways of living and relating with each other.

We have a garden where we grow our own veggies according to permaculture principles, stellar internet and an event space where we organize activities, yoga classes, workshops, sharing circles, movie screenings, games nights, conferences... 

companion planting
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community garden
our veggies in our permaculture garden

the unity experience 

Staying at Unity is much more than just renting a room, it is about expanding your mind and creating long lasting memories and friendships with other co-livers!

making friends at unity coliving

Make new friends

At Unity, you will always find people eager to share a meal, a conversation or go on an adventure with you. Meeting people from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds exposes you to new fresh perspectives and interests, thus contributing to your personal growth.

Unity is conveniently located in san pedro, san san jose, costa rica

An oasis in the city

Unity boasts a lush garden that makes you forget you're in the city, yet we are strategically located in one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods of San Jose, only 10 minutes away from the center by bus. Everything you need is within walking distance; supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, banks, shops, bus stops...

events and activities at Unity coliving

Our events and community activities are the best way to bond with other people, learn new skills, get to know yourself better and broaden your horizons. But most importantly, they're a great opportunity to have fun!

Our holistic Reforestation

Unity coliving reforestation and regeneration program

Our path

We believe living together is the perfect catalyst for the evolution of consciousness as it allows for collective experimental inquiries into the metamorphic potential of culture hacking. Our objective is to encourage the emergence of a new regenerative, empathetic, inclusive and ethical culture, where the awareness of our interconnectedness with everything causes alchemical transformation in the way people live their lives.

photo gallery

Unity's Yogashala
Homy cosy feeling at Unity coliving
acroyoga at Unity coliving
yoga at Unity coliving
game nights at unity coliving
events at Unity coliving
mountain view at Unity coliving
Harvest from our permaculture garden
community vibe at unity coliving
our cat luna
Vipasanna retreat at Unity coliving
coworkingat unity coliving
halloween party at unity coliving
garden day at unity coliving
terrace at unity coliving
learn permaculture at unity coliving
cosy at Unity coliving
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